Ambrosia institute of hotel management (AIHM) is one of the best colleges wherein you will be molded into hospitality professionals. I was with this college for 3 years and now I am a proud student the college has a magnificent and enjoyable study environment. On top of that, it’s combined with wonderful and knowledgeable staff who is ready to help you at all times. The college is well structured and has all the facilities to train you practically. I was lucky enough to be a part of this college

Studying at AIHM was one of the best decisions that I have taken in my life. The college offers facilities like a training kitchen, an actual working bakery & a training restaurant. The superb facilities along with the excellent faculty make it a great opportunity for each person to learn & grow.

I had a wonderful experience at AIHM College, everyone takes good care of the students

everyone taught us in a very professional way and I see the college growing in stature due to quality education being imparted.

one thing which I liked the most is, we get to do a food festival on a very large scale which is one of the best experiences one can see, and any student can showcase his/her skills on this platform.

Thank you for everything you did for us…

Ekant Punde.

(A.Y. -2015 To 2018).

Why you decided to do Hotel Management and what was the experience in the college. ?

I choose Hotel Management, as I had always wished to become a hotelier, as I knew this domain is more practical and on-the-job. My thrust to interact with people from diverse demographics and origins in addition to my personality inspired me to join the course. My overall experience with the college was enriching, productive, and gave me the ideal direction to decide my career options with the industry. I gained the right knowledge, skills, and traits from my exceptional and resourceful faculties which are currently helping to perform my job role.

How the college groomed you to shape your career?

The college helped me to groom and polish myself for the industry. My communication skills and the right persona helped me to overcome all obstacles and college to help me with various forum to analyze and assess my capabilities and capacity to be a perfect fit for the industry. Apart from the curriculum, the institution also helped me with various avenues like Food Feasts, Sports Activities, and Annual Day events to build the right attitude and leadership skills which are ideal for the hospitality industry.

If College or Faculty helped you change your mindset and helped you take a proper decision while choosing your career path?

The college provided me with a fantastic opportunity with one of the leading hotel chains in Goa, which helped me to find my interests and also inspired me to challenge myself every day during my internship. Even during my not so good days, my faculties were always available to motivate and cheer me by giving the right scope and facts of the industry which helped me to carry on with the flow… even now. My college also assisted me with an eye-opening career counseling session to help me chart out my short and long term goals for the industry.

A note about College?

My college has been instrumental in developing and building the right skills and attitude not only towards the industry but also the way to life. The college has indeed taken all efforts to teach us the right subject with the right technology, which helped us to understand relevant subjects easily. Not only we were restricted to theories but all college had all advanced facilities (like restaurants, kitchen and front desk) which could help us to actually live the teaching experience. As our college is beside the resort, they also helped us to learn the practical housekeeping of a room. Overall the experience was enriching and helped me to live my dream of becoming a hotelier.

Thanks and regards,

Aseem Siddiqui.

(A.Y. -2015 To 2018).